Saturday, January 30

Saturday, Jan. 30th... Again, The Mornings are Like a Walk in Paradise...A Frozen Paradise...

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Oh gee, getting up at daybreak sure gives one a chance to see life as it begins....the beginning of this days life anyway...... As the sun peeks over the horizon, the thermometer is grimacing with a brisk -2° reading on the side deck. The cats immediately raced across the opening between the barn and the house, at the first sign of a light in the kitchen and were meowing at the door, begging for entrance, to lay in front of the fireplace on their familiar couch blanket. Looking across the back field, through the scraggly fence row, toward the tall, slender pines in the distance, I could see the rays of the morning sun tickling and dancing across the highest pine boughs... calling for the sun to rush to full exposure, pouring it's warmth and brilliance down over the remaining branches like butterscotch crème, flowing down the sides of an ice cream sundae....
A bird flits across the field rising and falling with every flap of its wings and just beyond the trajectory of this feathered aviator, my attention is drawn to another movement...leaving the bird to bob along solo, the rest of the way across the open field to the safety of the overgrown timber beyond. The movement that had drawn my attention, was now invisible to my sight, so I locked upon the last area I imagined seeing movement. Within a minute, I lost interest in this phantom sleuth and again, began watching the dancing light of the sun, playing off of the ice crystals... flashing brilliantly as diamonds in the sunlight. How beautiful nature can display itself in an early morning frost, as it allows the suns rays to play a kaleidoscope of vast color, which changes almost too rapidly for the eye to fully detect. The wind also joins into the foray of activity in the ice crystal's color diversity.... waning slightly, before resuming in a stronger and more demanding manner, which causes full disclosure of magnificent color....such as that revealed by the artist on his palate of full, vivid, saturation of pigments.
The solo performance of the sun is such that one must stop to absorb the display in its entirety. alien movement in contrasting color catches my eye from low on the ground, beneath the foray of light dancing in the boughs above. I drop my gaze to the undergrowth again, this time finding a deer, slowly slinking along...looking as if to be sneaking......trying to conceal its movement.
Immediately, I think of coyotes! We hear them almost nightly...almost exactly in the area this deer is occupying this very moment. They howl in the night like jackals... screaming to one another as they gang up on some unlucky creature that surely must feel alone against the world....and rightfully so, for if it's a deer, the coyote will run after it for miles...until the poor deer can no longer run. That is where the deer meets with untimely death, at the voracious ferocity of a merciless killer. Many people hate hunters because they kill poor defenseless animals. Perhaps those people who are uneducated in the truths of nature, should probably be made to spend time afield in the winter, to witness the actual angelic blessing of a swift painless death at the hands of an understanding and sympathetic hunter. That opposed to the lingering, awful death of starvation, or being voraciously ripped apart and eaten while still alive. Ohhhhhh, nature is both extremely beautiful in one light and nightmarish as hell itself, in another instance.
Thank God, I finally see what has the deer so skittish... An industrious gray squirrel had ruffled leaves near the base of a tree, which was a movement that the deer could not immediately identify... at first. Watching and creeping slowly toward it, afforded the deer enough visionary attention, that it was made clear that the movement were leaves being thrust aside, as the squirrel searched the ground for a tender morsel of acorn, he buried last fall. He was frantically digging in anticipation of finding that acorn, which at this very moment, would fill an empty spot in the stomach of the hungry squirrel. Yes, right now he would certainly enjoy that buried acorn... if only he could remember where the hell he buried it way back then. All he could do was continue to search, as we have all done many times, looking for something, mumbling under our breaths, oblivious to those around us who are listening... watching and even laughing at us.......
Perhaps I should stop wasting time and get to work, leaving nature and her tenants to carry on their own business. Wasting time? Hummm, since when is enjoying life wasting time? Since when is observing the beauty of nature and all of Gods creatures wasting time?

In lieu of the many mundane things we do in a days time....if this is truly wasting time, then I need to be locked up for I am guilty as charged!

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