Friday, January 29

Friday, Jan. 29th... Frozen On The Coldest Day Of The Year...ALL Day Long......

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This morning was the coldest day of the year I do believe... As I sit here writing this, the sun has just escaped over the horizon and the mercury is hovering at a balmy 8°. Now that's sure to cause a sweating condition, if I go out to feed the animals again this evening, before turning in for the night. I gave the Alpacas a new bale of hay to sack out on this evening in their stall and the bunnies are all fluffed up in a big ball of fur. The chickens congregate under the several heat lamps we provide and the little barn for the chickens and ducks is cozy with everyone settled into their own respective spots. We went out to Stewart's and picked up a couple of loaves of bread and a gallon of milk to make French toast for dinner. I love French toast with Vermont maple syrup. There is nothing better anywhere in the world. Once dinner is over, about the only thing I can do is go upstairs with Vick and when she sits down to dive into her painting, I'll watch a movie on Netflix. Nothing is nicer than sitting on that big ol' leather couch in front of the gas fireplace on a cold evening, watching a good movie.....unless it would be having Vick sitting there beside me.
Sometimes I work on farm business, look over what is going on with the several different organizations dealing with owners and breeders of Alpacas and Angora bunnies. There are a lot of good organizations available that one can join which gives you endless information and help when needed.
Sometimes I just turn on the TV and lie across the bed and watch something funny until Vick is finished painting and ready for bed. In most cases, she wakes me from a sound sleep and we then go to bed. Rough life.....I know....and I owe it all to Vick the "WonderWife". (I call her that because she is an unbelievably special wife....she probably says, "I wonder why I ever became his wife?")

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