Thursday, January 28

Thursday, Jan. 28th... Running to Get Chicken Feed, Pellets and STUFF... Before The Snow.....

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Got up this morning and fed the critters, opened the doors and kicked them out into the sunny day to enjoy them selves before the lousy weather arrived. Vick and I jumped into the truck and took off for the feed store. We bought just what we needed to get by, so we didn't have a bunch of feed bags to lug around, with my knees like they are right now. They are doing exceptionally well and I don't want to screw them up by dragging a half ton of feed bags around. I'm quite sure these shots are going to work as intended, because I can see a marked difference already after only two of the three shot series. I'm tickled to death and am looking forward to finishing up all my lined up projects this spring without dying of knee pain in the process. I'm simply overjoyed and thoroughly thrilled with Dr. Huyck, for suggesting, obtaining the Synvisc and administering the shots.

When we returned home, we knew they were calling for some very hefty winds, along with the snow squalls and we had a piece of roofing on the chicken coop section of the barn which needed to be secured properly with a few more screws, so we got the screw gun, the ladder and went to the barn. Vick held the ladder as I went up and shot a few more screws into the edge and bottom, to keep the wind from stripping that piece of roofing off, as it had one time before during a thunderstorm. It was a piece of cake and took us all of five minutes. In fact, it took longer to get the screw gun, the screws, the ladder and then...put it all away, than it took to actually perform the job. was done and we were ready for the snow.
We still have four bags of pellets on the front porch, so I'll yank another eight bags onto the porch tomorrow in the daylight. Tonight, we will sit in front of the fireplace stoves and snuggle in to keep warm. The barns are unbelievably comfortable in this cold winter weather, so it's easy to take care of critters which are cozy and content. The food is there, the water is there and the comfort needed to survive is right there too. We have extremely lucky farm animals compared to most. I've been in many broken down, old, breezy barns that don't really do more than keep rain off the animals heads and that's about it. They were definitely no warmer inside than it was outside....and were filthy.
All of our animals are happy.
We just appeared in the NYLAA (New York Llama and Alpaca Association) a few pages in on this month's newsletter. They did a nice little write up about us being an actual working farm here in Upstate New York, with chickens, ducks, guinea hens and our Alpaca livestock and Angora rabbits. They also mentioned our "Nature's Friends of Hospice, Inc." business located here on the farm and told of the sales we will conduct in the nearly completed building to raise funds for the Columbia-Greene County Hospice and Palliative Care Program. It is a very nice article and it helps to get our message out to folks who haven't heard of us yet.

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