Wednesday, January 27

Wednesday, Jan.27th... Short Blog Just To Say We're Still Here...

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Today was a day of working on my new book which is in rewrites at this moment. It is entitled "It All Began With a Puppy… Our Uncommon Journey." I have been working on this book since October, 2008 and completed it last year in the summer. It has been in editing rewrites since then and I've only recently picked up on it again. It's Vick and my story about how we met, became close and finally ended up together, and building our lives dream of having a farm and were finally married last Fourth of July. This is a special book and may enter the second round of rewrites as soon as I finish the first round. It depends upon whether or not it portrays the story properly and chronologically correct. If not, it must go back, until it is right.
Later this afternoon, Vick and I went to Troy for my second injections of Synvisc in each knee joint. isn't a pleasant procedure, having a long needle jammed into the knee joint, but he does use Lidocaine, which deadens it before injecting the lubricant, Synvisc. It doesn't really all I ever feel, is the original needle stick, then pressure as he inflates my knees with a little over 3cc's of material. Oh Well, only one more round to go to complete the three shot series and I do seem to feel an appreciable difference already. The trend is to wait until a month after the third shot to see if it will afford relief. Some do see a difference after the first shot and some after the second. I imagined and told Vick, that I believed that I really felt a definite difference, two days after taking that first shot. Unfortunately my knees hurt when I walk, right after the shot, but I think it is because of the materials being forced under the knee cap and into the joint. After two days, a portion of it is absorbed by the body and "swelling" diminishes and the joint then feels great. I still get that deep bone ache from arthritis like I always did, but only when the weather is really turning lousy. The rest of the time, everything is great.
Tomorrow, with the prediction of lousy weather, severe snow squalls threatening to accumulate two to three inches of snow, as the temperature continues to drop off the scale as the day goes on, I'll probably take it easy. Once we pass tomorrow, I should be back to normal again. It sure won't hurt to do inside things and take it easy when the wind is howling and swirling snow everywhere, now will it?

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