Tuesday, January 5

Tuesday, January 05, 2010... Another day, Another Chiller, But The Guinea's Back...

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Today started off nice and sunny. The snow was pretty on the way to Albany and birds were flying everywhere...Possibly making up for being grounded by the vicious winds of the last several days. They could not possibly have flown over the last several days without being thrown into trees and overshooting branches as they tried to land, so today with the calm winds, they could again fly to find food.

When we got home around noon or so, I found that all the guinea fowl which was stuck in the trees and on the roof may not have been as dumb as I thought. Obviously as soon as it was light enough this morning and they felt safe, they glided down to eat any corn and pellets left from yesterday, which was scattered for them to eat then. Today, being sunny and mild, they could take their time and leisurely peck and lounge around in the sun. They probably got a good five hours in the sun that the others missed until we returned at noon, to leave them out of the barn. Maybe those guinea hens weren't retarded as I stated.

My finger tips are going though the normal cycle again and it is next to impossible to do anything without pain. It's similar to rubbing a day old cut on a finger against your pants pocket and catching the cut edges on your pocket and pulling the cut apart. You know...it keeps you from putting your hands in your pocket so much until about the fourth day or so when the cut has healed a little. Until then, you protect that cut from dragging over materials by not using it too much. My psoriasis acts much the same as a deep paper cut when you touch it against anything...and getting your hand wet results in the fingers throbbing like a jumping toothache. OUCH!!! Typing can be a booger if you're not careful and type with your index fingers only. That's good for right now, but if those index's break out, I'm gonna be done on the computer.

This all made known...you can understand that the loft wiring is out of the question too. That isn't something you want to tackle with fingers like mine, especially in this cold either. Sooooooooooo, we do what we can do and that's all we do. That and wish everything was done and Vick and I was on vacation everyday of our life.
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