Monday, January 4

Mon. Jan. 04, 2010...Guinea Fowl Are Retarded...And Other Related Farm Facts...

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The three guinea fowl that have been roosted in the trees for the last two, solid days came down today and joined the rest of the flock outside the duck house to eat. Both Vick and I were overjoyed to see them finally rejoining the rest of the flock, because had they not changed limbs occasionally, I would have thought their feet had frozen to the limb and they couldn't move. The bad news is that a flock of eight deer ambled into the yard and started eating the left over chicken feed on the ground this evening about dusk, which sent two birds up into the trees again. There were three guineas on the roof of the duck house and when I went near, two flew down and went into the side entrance of the barn and one flew clear across the yard and up onto the highest roof of the big barn. That is where he will be in the morning when it gets light enough to fly back down into the yard. Hopefully these three guineas do not meet up with a fox until we get home in the afternoon.
Again, I say guinea fowl are retarded to sit in a tree on a frozen night and pass up a warm barn with food, water and friends!!! In retrospect, what should we call ducks that swim in water where you break the ice to open it up? I do that every day we leave them out too. Perhaps the guineas aren't the only retards...

Vick checked her second batch of dyed alpaca fiber this evening to see if it was dry enough to card yet. It was dyed last evening and placed on a screen in the basement to dry, but as of this evening, it was still damp. As soon as it is dry, we will run it through the drum carder and Vick can start to spin it into another skein of finished yarn ready for knitting or looming. This batch will favor the yellowish color with a little red, orange and green as seen below. It should blend into a really nice color.

I've got to bite the bullet and start to card some of the angora fiber for her to try on the spinning wheel. It is so fine and light that you have it sticking all over you until you get a drum full and then you have to be extra careful when you roll it off. I always end up with a mouth full of the floating pieces, which makes it unpleasant to card...more so than the alpaca which doesn't fly all over as you card it.

We just got our taxes which took a big jump. Just recently, we found that our health insurance just took a leap into the roof rafters of unbelievable mine increased $40.00 per month and Vick's jumped $86.00 per quarter. I think this is something in preparation for the upcoming Presidential health care program least I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's one of those "get while the gettin's good" things. Nothing will surprise me with any of this stuff.....

Lovely alpaca fiber dyed pretty colors

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