Sunday, January 3

Sun. Jan. 03, 2010... And the Snow Flies Again...On A Nasty Day So Cold...

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The mercury stands at 11°, with a chill factor of -9° out there. We have three stupid guinea fowl that have been sitting up in a tree beside the duck house for two days now, meaning that they have gone through two brutal nights on a limb, high in the tree, with all this sub-zero weather blasting them and they haven't had food or water. Maybe their little feetsies are frozen to the limb they are sitting on...and maybe their BB sized brain doesn't work that well either. It is cozy in the barn and there is food and drink for them. Seems like a suicide mission to me... who knows. They have had two days now to glide to the ground and eat or drink and walk into the barn, but they refuse... so if their frozen little bodies drop off the limb, due to their bull headed stupidity, Oooooooooooh Well.

We took the Christmas tree down yesterday and picked up five bags of layer pellets at the feed store so we would have them until we go for the large load of the month. It just seemed prudent to have the feed barrels filled right now.
We again didn't do any wiring in the barn loft, but I may have to break down and do it today if I can stand to be out there working. It's not all that bad in the barn and I can work in small time increments and suck up body warming coffee in between too. There isn't a lot of work to actually be done out there, but I've just been dragging my feet, doing other things, because you're out of the weather in the barn and you can do it when it's raining or snowing. Now we need at least one receptacle for a heated water bowl for the cats and I have to get cracking to put it in today I guess. You can't use extension cords with these heated contraptions because of changing the impedance and amperage, which will burn out the element, so I have to get a receptacle up there somewhere. I just might as well install the two lights too, while I'm at it and then we will be able to see up there at night if we need hay for the Alpacas or bunnies.

The winter and snow is beautiful, if it would not be for the brutal wind that drives the temperature so low. One must be careful not to freeze their fingers and toes before they realize what is happening in this kind of severe weather. It must be equally dangerous for animals and I know they seek forest areas on the leeward sides of ridges facing toward the sun, usually in stands of young pines which break the crippling winds. Our barns are cozy since we closed in all the openings which allowed air to pass freely through the barns during the summer months. It looks much like a blizzard out there right now. I will bundle up and forge through the snow to each barn and feed, water and check everyone, before returning to warm up and make future plans for today...

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