Saturday, January 2

Saturday, January 02, 2010... The Cold Has Returned To The Farm Again......

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Some might say, well just what do you expect on Jan. 2nd anyway...and I guess they would be right. However, winter now throws us such a mixed bag of tricks, that I find myself wishing for the different trick every time.
Last night, Vick and I put the birds away, just at dusk and found that two Guinea fowl decided to brave the winter night by roosting thirty feet up in a pine tree, and another in an elm tree at the duck house. I assume they are now chilly because it is only 21° out there and with a wind chill factor, it probably feels like 5°, if that warm. When I finally brave the chill, I'll put the ones in the outside run, inside and close the slide gate, then open the main door for these nuts to go in and then I'll close the outer door and open the slide gate again. I have to do the morning feed and egg gathering anyway, so I'll do that while Vick makes breakfast for her and me.

We chose to not go to the barn last evening, because Vick had a bruised nerve in her hand and a sore back. I didn't balk at all, because my knees we aching and just raisin' cane. Now it's colder than blue blazes out there, so we'll again play it by ear. It's not something that is a super major problem and I can resolve the receptacle issue quite quickly in fifteen minute stints if necessary.

Mean while, back inside the farm house... Vick has fiber in the wash and we need to come up with a drying rack made of PVC pipe and netting. Also, we need to remove the Christmas tree and ornaments from the living room until next time.
I'd like to card some angora fiber to see how that looks when Vick has a skein of that hanging beside the alpaca she has already completed. I'd kind of like to get back to my book writing again to, but will refrain from that for a few weeks until things settle down from the holidays and Vick's parents visit. I don't want to miss time with them for writing any more than I already do by blog entries, so I'll write later and continue to enjoy their company.
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