Friday, February 26

Fri. Feb 26th... Five Straight Days of Snow and More to Go... So They Say...

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Well now... we've made it through to day five of this ugly, continuous snow. Sometimes it's very heavy, but sometimes it's like it is right now, snowing very finely...resembling little Styrofoam beads. It's so fine, it doesn't show up in the pictures I took this morning and as I write this, the big, fluffy snow flakes have returned and she's into it again!
As I wrote in the post of last evening, we lost power in the afternoon, but a little while after the evening post, we lost power again for about five minutes... just enough for us to find candles, light them and the oil lanterns again...then the lights came back on. The power flickered and shut off several times after that, but only for a few moments and then came back on, as if to suggest limbs or large clumps of snow, were momentarily hitting the wires, shorting them out and then, clearing again.
I suspect we will loose power again today, because they are calling for dropping temperatures and high winds for our area. Further east, all along the Hudson River, they have flood warnings out, due to melting snow and rain. You just don't know what to expect. We were to get light rain last night, changing to freezing rain. Oddly enough, we received another good four inches of snow instead.
To many of the people up here...the power going out is a major problem, with heating, water pumps and other electrical devices, but the power interruptions are actually only an inconvenience to us. We have prepared ourselves to be able to melt snow for watering the animals, flushing commodes and we have stored good drinking water in two, seven gallon plastic jugs, which are sitting in the kitchen. We have enough kerosene lamps and candles around the house to be able to remain comfy. We can use the gas range in the kitchen in lieu of the electrically driven pellet stove, for downstairs heat and we have a gas fireplace upstairs, which keeps the bedroom cozy. We could remain quite comfy for days, although it becomes very boring at night. During the day, there are multiple things one can do.

The loss of the computer with either cable or electricity outages is a bummer. I worked on Joe's webpage for marketing his popular music CD's and got him up and on-line. (Joe is Vick's Dad) he's now at: and selling two of his CD's by either mail or on-line. Check it out...I think they are great and he's selling them left and right, to folks that used to vacation in the Catskill Mountain resort areas of Hunter and Tannersville, New York. They remember the fun they had when he entertained them at the resorts and now they relive those times at home, while listening to his CD's. I'm amazed at the low, low cost of those CD's, but he told me that he wanted to keep them affordable for any older guests on fixed incomes. Go to the site and check out his samples... he's a spectacular musician!

Well, I don't know whether to plow snow or wait for freezing rain, because ice... is a killer on a plowed driveway. If that's coming, I'll wait until it's done and plow the ice away. I guess I have to check the weather reports and trust them. Hummm, wonder why that doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside?

The Hospice Gift Shop and potting shed are disappearing....

The barn is becoming covered too....

Snow in driveway bending trees again...

Look at our poor mail box out along the road....

Cleaning this car off is becoming a full time job too!

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