Saturday, February 20

Sat. Feb. 20th... What was your take on the Illusion of yesterday?????.....

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Did you notice? Did you know that I didn't write the post of yesterday? It was penned (or keyed) by Bill, our son from Long Island, who is visiting this weekend, with his wife Loraine.
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They brought the "Hide-and-seek Holly" doll for the hospice gift shop and the "Ruby Slippers" to be put under the edge of the hospice gift shop porch, just to let visitors know that "we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto."
The alien just needed to have a new home, as he was occupying the basement in East Meadow for the past six years and needed a new home. It was created at a long ago craft party where Vick planned to have a "Let's create a scarecrow project" and Bill came up with Nano Nano...from the planet Krylon...the rusting planet that needed repainted. Anyway, Bill and his warped sense of humor will be on the prowl this week-end.
Today, our mission is to trek to the comic book capital of Albany...which has two shops on Central on the five-hundred block and another on the twelve hundred block. We will appease Bill by visiting both and then any antique or auction house we can find. A quick lunch, the afternoon schlepping around and a comfy evening meal at the Red Lobster later will fill the day.
AND WE'RE OFF!!!! And not our rockers either.......

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