Sunday, February 28

Sun. Feb. 28th... Would you Believe Me if I Told You it Was Snowing Here??????

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We are now officially into the seventh day of continuous snow! Thank goodness it varied in intensity, from hard and heavy to almost invisible and extremely slow. Had we not had those slow times, we would have an accumulation of ten feet. As it is, we probably have three to four feet on the ground right now. The snow from the barn roof had closed off the alpaca's access to the pasture yesterday. Until I shoveled the six foot high pile which was four feet wide, they couldn't feed on their round bale of hay sitting in the pasture. When I opened the blockage, they trooped right through the deep snow, bellies dragging...and immediately started munching on their hay. Later they were inside, bedded down again, but contented now, chewing their cuds.
When you enter the bunny brothel, the snow from the roof is over the tops of the windows and it's the same at the windows in the chicken coop. People are saying this is the worst they have seen in over fifty years....and we're proud to say we are a part of this new...or renewed record. Just think, at one time we were thinking about moving to Georgia..... What a mistake that would have in all that heat and beautiful scenery. Fishing almost everyday....using those ol' southern fishin' worms.... catchin' them ol' lunker catfish. Hum...

Today, we are going to take it easy... Although it is still snowing today, at various intensities, there will not be any snow removal, digging, shoveling or complaining. This is gonna be a day of rest. All we will do outside is feed, water and possibly leave the critters out to run. MAYBE.

I gotta admit that the snow is somewhat beautiful, even if it is such a pain in the butt. Once the initial work is completed and you can get your car onto the bare road, it doesn't really seem that bad. The bad thing is that the animals can't get around too good and we can't clean any of the barns very easily, because we have no place to put the cleaned up materials until the snow leaves. Well, I guess I better not complain, because tomorrow is March and with it will be some extremely warm days....days that will knock the dickens out of the snow. Rapid melting snow is just as bad as a tremendously heavy snow storm. It can cause severe damage and property loss. Usually though, we don't loose power or our ability to stay warm, dry and comfy, as we wait it out, looking for better days to come.
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