Tuesday, February 16

Tue. Feb 16th... Way to go Bill...Just had to Have Snow Like At Home...Right?

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Just when we were prepared to have bare ground all the way into spring, our son and his wife, from Long Island is due to show up for their mid-winter's, week-end stay and he must have ordered this damned snow, so he would be able to feel at home while he is here. I know we didn't order it and none of our neighbors would have either, so it's on your shoulders Billy boy! I'll get the shovel out so you can play "Bob the shoveler guy".

This will be a good weekend of kicking back and relaxing, going antiquing, having breakfast at Sunny Jim's restaurant and yakking about anything and everything. We might just watch a few movies on Netflix if this crappie weather keeps it up too. It's cool, because it doesn't cost a thing to watch movies all day long... just that simple $9.00 per month... just 0.30¢ a day... how can you ever beat it?

Today will be an arts and crafts day... a work on the web page day and a run to Bryant's, to get a salad and junk day... We have nothing to do other than our projects until it gets dark and I will thrust more feed and water to the animals for the night. We would like to get the new marketing web site up and running for the farm. It will have a shopping cart if I can get it to function properly. We'll see.

We are now listed with seoalpaca.org, which is the National Alpaca Registry. We have registered the farm with them, listing all the information about the three boys and uploaded pictures of each. If you are interested...just go to http://www.seoalpaca.org and have a look. Just look under New York and you'll find us. We're in the process of joining the "Pride in New York" program too. Later we will join
http://www.buypurecatskills.com/index.html also. This summer we're toying with the idea of becoming a tour stop for the golf courses in the area. Most are golf resorts and the wife and kids go do other things while ol' Dad goes golfing. We were told they have a tour bus and take guests to antique shops, shopping areas, etc. and they would be happy to have a petting zoo type stop for kids and the adults could shop in the hospice gift shop and see Vick demonstrate spinning and weaving our alpaca fibers... Sounds cool doesn't it?
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