Tuesday, February 2

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd...Groundhog Day-Big Business There, Pain in the Ass Here!

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Oh yeah... here we go again with that damned groundhog! Punxsutawney Phil and I have had an ongoing feud for decades! When I lived in central Pennsylvania, I was constantly daunted by this pesky little rodent every February 2nd, since I can remember. Occasionally this little puke would not see his shadow and simply just amble back into his little box and not be heard of until the next year, but in most instances, the little shit would impose another six weeks of unwanted winter bliss upon us all and (I personally believe) would giggle all the way back to his cage where ever they hid him after that. If you remember last year this time, I was contemplating a mafia hit on the big rat. I hate him and as a result, all other groundhogs in the world. Like I've said about the towelheads..... Don't like me looking down my nose at you....clean up your ranks and get rid of the terrorists! In this instance get rid of the giggling weather rat, if you don't want me taking pot shots at you in the field behind our house...after all, I don't know you from Punxsutawney Phil...

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This just in from an email suggestion
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Today is Groundhog Day 2010! Cluckin’ A Skip (the most famous ground roast coffee hog) DID SEE his shadow!
Six more weeks of winter!
Cluckin’ A Critter farm is in Central Northern Upsate NY near the Catskill Mountains where Groundhog Day is a big event there since 2008. Almost bigger than Alpaca Sheering Day, Canadian Wild Geese Return Day and Beary Bear’s Birthday
The festivities on Groundhog Day is a huge event at Pupskill Pond with TONS of FREE fresh Ground roast coffee for all . Check out the BLOGSITE
for the big day Full of events AND PICTURES!
In the last 2 years Cluckin’ A Skip
has taken his early morning sip
As the sun rises over the hill a snip
And correctly Predicted Winter’s Icy grip!
So Cluckin’ A Skip says “ 6 longer weeks of winter!”
Another year of a long frigid freezing arctic blasts!
WHAT IS THIS !@#$%^&*( *^&%$# ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING??????
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Maybe We should do a program here on the farm like this... Nah, I don't want to be like that lousy "hole dweller" in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania!
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Well...that said, on with life. We cut six sets of wood yesterday afternoon to make bunny nests for the angoras, so this morning, I put them together and we will put them in the cages with a bunch of hay in the bottom, which will give the bunnies a warm place to feel hidden and stay warm until spring and warmer weather. (Thanks to that damned shadow seeing field rat) We looked in the farm catalogs and they wanted anywhere from $28.00 to $55.00 for the same thing we built for the cost of seventy-two, 3 inch screws used to put the scrap wood together. The wood was leftover ends from the board and batten siding on the hospice gift shop, which we would have just burnt to get rid of anyway, so that crap saved us somewhere between $168.00 and $330.00 for the nesting boxes.
We went to the library last evening for our once a month art class get together among several folks that had taken formal art classes with us in the past. Carol, a spunky little friend of ours, suggested we get together on the first Monday of each month to just paint together and keep everyone interested and encouraging one another to continue painting. After the two hour gab and paint session, we headed for home, but stopped at Stewart's convenience store for milk and a pound of butter for breakfast toast and coffee. We saw our neighbor who is a clerk there and she asked if we have seen the coyotes yet. We said no, but have heard them nightly. She informed us that two or three coyotes chased her beagle through the yard in broad daylight yesterday and up onto their porch, stopping to grimace and growl at the steps. She yelled at them, scaring them back out of the yard and into the woods. Now Vick and I both are uncomfortable about turning the chickens, ducks and guinea fowl loose to free range during the day and I have a loaded semi-auto .22 rifle leaning in the corner, in the kitchen. If they are in the yard... they are dead meat! We play music on outside speakers to discourage foxes and hawks from entering the yard, since they hear human voices singing, so I hope the music will deter the coyotes now too.
Vick's Mom and Dad are staying with us for a few days every so often to ease the mid winter blues we all experience when we are house bound through out these ugly winter days, so Vick's Dad is helping her get her new loom set up and operating so she can weave some items out of the alpaca yarn she has spun. Once completed, she will weave a scarf of 100% Alpaca which will certainly be a unique piece. The fiber yarn was grown here on our own Alpacas, was clipped, cleaned, dyed, carded into roving, spun and weaved right here on the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC... exclusively by Vicki. Talk about hand made...it was completely done by hand from the animal to completion....now that's an extremely special piece!!

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