Wednesday, February 3

Wed. Feb. 3rd... The Way It Used To Be, Seems So Relaxing Today...

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This lady is knitting on her loom, after spinning her yarn on the spinning wheel, which is sitting in front of the loom. It probably wasn't real relaxing for her with her daily chores, but in today's rat race world, it certainly is to Vick.
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Well, today I go to Troy for my final set of injections of Synvisc, in both knees. They do a series of three in each knee if needed, and then if it works, it should last for nearly a year. I sure hope so. It would be much more convenient than going for Cortisone injections and I really don't like the use of steroids because it is hard on your heart and other organs. I already had enough trouble with this ticker in 1996 when I suffered two MI's in three days. I was only forty five years old then, so I've added almost another fourteen on to that, so I feel fortunate and thank God for every day with Vick. She was God's greatest gift... followed by life, a farm and true peace in my life. I may not tell her enough, but she knows she is my angel girl...

Last evening, Vick entertained a bunch of young girls who get together weekly to do craft projects and such. They are from the Coxsackie area and generally gather at Sunny Jim's Restaurant for dinner and then work on their weekly crafts. This week they came here for Vicki to teach them the art of Stained Glass making. They first toured the barn, saw the Alpacas and Angoras, then the house and afterward, retreated to the basement work area where Vick set up a stained Glass gallery workshop. Kim, girlfriend to Chris, who owns Sunny Jim's Restaurant, brought us a tray of Chicken Cordon bleu, which was outrageous. She had to leave early to take Chris to the hospital for tests due to an extreme pain in his side. The sore spot, also being hot, which could indicate infection, made us even more concerned about his health and we all awaited the outcome of his hospital tests. Thank God, Kim sent a text message, that it was deemed to be a pulled muscle in his abdomen and he will be fine with rest. After that word, the remaining girls and Vick had an interesting stained glass class.

So, getting back to the pertinence of the photo at the beginning of this blog post, Vick and the girls were doing stained glass downstairs. Vick's Dad and I, worked on figuring out how to load and use her table top loom made by Ashford. It was quite an experience so, after the girls left, we showed Vick what we had learned and she tried it. It told her what we were looking for; whether or not she would enjoy a full sized, free standing loom to process the Alpaca and Angora fiber into garments along with knitting. The answer was a resounding yes! I believe she could enjoy making large items knitted on a loom. It seems to me that it would be equally relaxing, as she has stated spinning is for her. I suppose we will be on the lookout for a quality, floor sized loom in the spring. Wow... spinning and looming and knitting...all done right here on the farm, using our own animal's fibers. Now that's back to basics!

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