Thursday, February 4

Thurs. Feb. 4th... A Bad Day Was Had By One...As Usual I'd Say Though......

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Simply daydreaming about such a beautiful time of the year at such a beautiful place in our lives. We're looking forward to this is a few short months again.
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I had a really bad knee day today, but I guess it shouldn't surprise me...For I always had about two days after the shots when my knees were a little tender, according to Vick. Anyway, the shots are over and done with, so I'll gladly wait one more day and see then if it all goes away. I truly see a difference in my knees since the Synvisc series started and I truly believe I will reap the benefits of doing the therapy. We'll see, but I'm sure they are better than before and the Dr. said it might take as long as a month for me to see a difference. Seeing it early is a good sign, he said.

We went to Coxsackie shortly after lunch and bought ten bags of corn for the chickens. Five were whole kernel and five were crushed corn. We will positively be buying corn from him from now on and especially all summer long, stock piling bags for next winter. Perhaps, this is the cheapest way to go, rather than doing raised beds and growing our own. I'll talk to this guy and see if we might be able to buy a dump truck load of cob corn and we'll process it ourselves here this coming fall. That is if he will deliver a dump truck of cob corn here.

Tomorrow, I'd like to make another cage for the last Angora which inhabits the chicken transfer crate we're now using. We put him in there temporarily, rather than making the last needed cage, because it was so damned cold out there our fingers couldn't take it any longer, so now we can finish making that last crate during the day and get him into it and take the transfer crate back out to the rear shed so it's there and ready to be used to transfer chickens from the brooding house to the barns when ready this summer.

Our friend Jimmy is coming tomorrow afternoon and we have some really good news for him. He is starting a gourmet catering business and we have a mutual interest for him to consider with another gentleman. One hand can definitely wash the other here... and just when it is really needed too. We're excited that two such friends can possibly profit from a meeting.

Have you noticed that if you want nice weather you need to come north? Seems like Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware
, Maryland, New Jersey, Southern Pennsylvania or around New York City, are places you had better not be this weekend.
Oh well.... I guess we'll have our usual sunny skies..... Ahhhh, how sweet it is........

I'm ready to kick back and keep these knees of mine still for the rest of the evening if you don't mind.....sooooooooooooo...

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