Friday, February 5

Friday, Feb. 5th... Weaving Is In The Future of The Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm...

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Weaving is a surefire way of using Alpaca and Angora fiber in a manner that can be both beautiful and resourceful. You can weave beautiful scarves that feel so cozy when that soft warm material is wrapped around your neck when the cold north winds howl. I've also envisioned a lovely soft Alpaca throw that can be used to keep cozy when sitting on the sofa watching your favorite movie on a cold winter night. Alpaca fiber is six times warmer than sheep's wool, has no lanolin, so is hypo-allergenic and not prickly like sheep's wool. Vick and I have processed our own fiber so far, with Vick cleaning and dying it to desired colors and then we have both carded by hand and on the drum carder, providing both battens and roving mats, which Vick then spins into a two ply yarn. What you see here tonight, is two color combinations of the Huacaya two-ply Alpaca yarn from Luke, blended with a little Angora which we then put on the loom and weaved the pretty pink-brown and yellow scarf.
Previous to that, we used regular, purchased yarn to do a test run of weaving and turned out the pretty blue/green scarf seen here.

Earlier today, we made the last cage for the Arasta-Rabbit Boy who was living in the transfer chicken cage since we got the new bunnies home. He now has the regular 36x24x24 cage with feeder and watering bowl, like the rest. He is now a very happy Arasta-rabbit.

Tomorrow, I'd like to get the chicken feed, Alpaca feed and wood chips we so desperately need after going to Carol's house to look at her spinning wheels to see if they are functional so she can learn to spin yarn. She has two originals, but is not sure that all the parts are present on them. If they are, Vicki is going to teach her to spin. If parts are missing, we will try to help her locate them so she can start to learn the fun art of spinning. After returning with the feed later, we will clean out the brothel and throw down new wood chips and then take some new pictures of the operation. All is looking well out there and we can't wait for spring to be able to spend more time out there with all the animals.

Soon I must pull down the boarding house and get the rooms cleaned before the Tree Swallows return. They come early each spring and you also never know if it might be taken over by, or shared by their cousins, the Purple Martins. In either event, we need to clean, repair and make them ready....and soon!

Vick's first Skein of Alpaca Yarn

Vick's 2nd skein of Alpaca yarn

Weaving the test yarn into a scarf.

The finished scarf...Pretty neat!

I like it!

Skip working on weaving the Alapca fiber....

It's gonna be pretty....

Vick takes over and is on the fly...

Ohhhhhh, Look how Pretty!!!

Vick Crossing over the Shuttle...
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