Saturday, February 6

Saturday, Feb. 6th... The First Animal-to-Finished Product Has Been Completed...

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Well, we've achieved another milestone here at the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm!
Both Vicki and I completed a scarf made of 95% Alpaca, 5% Angora this evening, which is the first such item produced.
Last year, we decided we wanted to do something unique here on the farm, so we started looking at what we could do that was unconventional, beyond shearing our Alpacas and selling it, which we did last year with Iggy's fiber. We decided to get Angoras and using both the Alpaca and Angora fiber, we would pursue taking it from animal to product, exclusively here on the farm and using all natural dyes in the process. The end result is our first product in the picture below. It is a beautiful brown, pink and yellow scarf, measuring 6" x 55", weighing 4.6 oz. The cost of this scarf will be set at $75.00, Plus tax, with a portion of the proceeds going to hospice.

The scarf

6" wide by 55" long....

Making felt Pot holders for hospice....

Making a hospice shopping bag for a lady...

Bollero's fiber just off the carding machine

Close-up of Bollero's fiber, ready to spin......

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