Wednesday, February 10

Wed. Feb. 10th... Ah...Snow, Snow, Heavenly Snow, Beautiful Snow, Where Ever You Go......

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Oh my... I woke up this morning to a falling snow which was just starting to coat our rear deck, giving it a "five O'clock shadow" look, similar to a man needing a shave. I slid the door open, to allow the girls to run into the fenced in area of the rear yard, but before they could exit, a dark calico form, shot past me at the speed of light. The dogs stopped dead in their tracks, looking to see what had just flashed past them! When they saw it was Callie, one of our two resident mousers, they again turned their attention from the cat, to the more important issue of going outside.
The early morning snow was drifting effortlessly toward earth, appearing to be very light snow, which the wind will surely drift, if there is any accumulation to speak of later today.
The thing I love about a predawn snowfall is the utter silence during the storm. It is so quiet outside right now, that I bet you can hardly hear the cars go by out on the road. It is simply amazing how atmospheric conditions can muffle the volume of normal sounds.
If you bundle up and walk out into the woods, these twilight hours can be the most rewarding time of any day, as you await daylight's full arrival. The time spent in this bubble of solitude, before the world comes alive, is something you will never forget, as you begin to hear things seldom heard in the normal course of your day. A distant crow, a squirrel scolding you for hiding in his back yard or the wind as it gently carries the snowflakes past you, dodging the clacking tree limbs and bushes, as they are carried along. If you can clear your mind of all usual thoughts, you will find that you can see and hear many things which are usually overlooked. You will hear, smell and see the beauty you are standing among, during your time afield. Once you are successful, you will slowly become aware of the many sounds within nature, which you never experienced, or realized even existed, had you not taken my suggestion to "Stop and Smell the Roses"!Roses, you the dead of winter?
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Today will be a snowy, farm, web site development day....... we are taking our farm business on-line....

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