Thursday, February 11

Thurs, Feb, 11th... Lord Helped Us All...The Snow Has Fallen...Somewhere Else!!!

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Well, the lord has helped us in upstate New York. The rest of the United States sure took a licking though. Sounds like they are really getting hammered down in the city and all across NJ, PA, DE, MD, IN, OH and points southward, quite a ways...
Actually, I'm sorry for all those folks who missed so many days work, on their paychecks, in the last week and the mess they have to deal with, cleaning up and all, but I'm still glad we were spared the beating again. We're ready for spring here.

This morning's blog was a test. Not my usual style of writing...but a test of a writing book I read and it's instructions for successful writing. I'm afraid that after this test run and the critique Vick gave me, I should probably use the book as a fire starter. I re-wrote this morning's blog in my old, original style, so please go back to this mornings post if you can and read it again. Perhaps you could let me know what YOU think after re-reading it, if you would please.

Wow, we had a bunch of people show up for eggs today. I don't know if it had anything to do with the projected storm or not. I known I read multiple places about sparse grocery store shelves, bare bread racks and empty milk coolers. Vick and I could never understand why that happens.... I mean in your life time, do you remember ever going hungry during a snow storm? Ok.... if you were really hungry what do you make with bread and milk? Bread Soup???? At least if they bought lots of bread, milk and eggs...then you could eat a lot of French toast! Jeeze...

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