Saturday, February 13

Saturday, Feb. 13th... Here We Are In the Weekend, Almost Frozen and Snowless...

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We're tickled pink that we have no new snow and will remain as such, if we don't get any more again until next winter. I guess they are blaming it on good ol' El Niño again. I'd like to see Ol' Al Gore explain why folks in Florida and other predominantly warm, southern states that are freezing their patooties off this winter in the old world of "Global Warming" due to that "Greenhouse effect" from all our carbon footprints, obviously in the snow down south! I imagine if Ol' Al walked a bit too close to any of those snow shovel wielding, pissed off, rednecks down south there, they would whack him with their shovel about now! (Unless they maybe can't lift their arms that high from all that shoveling)

Today we gave the alpacas their monthly shot of Ivermectin to ward off any little vermin that might invade their bodies, causing them to become sick. It seems to be about as good an insurance policy as you can buy for you livestock, as far as warding off parasites that could cause sickness and death in the alpacas, bunnies, chickens and turkeys. I'm not sure Vick shouldn't root me one in the ass cheek with a shot of it every so often too. You keep me healthy in my old age too...

We are loading up the loom again for our start to a second alpaca scarf. The first one is listed on the web site for $40.00 and I believe it is now, possibly sold. A lady that bought a bunch of hospice green shopping bags was here today and fell in love with it. She said she was coming back, so I suppose it is going to be sold soon. I enjoy running the loom and weaving the scarves and I can sit upstairs and weave while Vick spins more yarn for the next one. I enjoy this immensely and Vick really enjoys spinning the yarn. I need to process more of Luke's fiber so Vick has an endless supply of roving to spin and I can keep weaving more and more.
We'll post pictures of me weaving on the loom and Vick spinning her yarn a little later on. For right now, I'm in over my head with the update and expansion of the marketing portion of the website.

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