Monday, March 22

Mon. March 22nd... What a Dreary Ugly Day For All Americans...All Rain...Floods...

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It is not only dreary and ugly because of the weather which is coming our way, but also the tumultuously tainted Landmark overhaul of the nation's health insurance system approved by House, in an after dark, Sunday night vote. "This is what change looks like", said Obama, as they extended health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and will begin cracking down on insurance company abuses... along with increasing the deficit unbelievably... forcing you and I to buy what we now can't afford... or fining us... Oh gee what a lovely, historic day. After the smoke clears... I think the fire will fly before this comes to fruition!
Nuff said about that here, but read it, absorb it and watch the sparks fly SOON!!

Yesterday, we went to our niece's concert on the mountain which was based on Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat book. It was a nice hour and a half production with lots of songs and scenes put together by the kids for their spring play. We enjoyed it and video taped it for the family and made DVD's for them. We also made a copy for friends to send to their son in Iraq. That ate up almost our entire day, with traveling both ways and the time spent there before, during and after the play, but we always enjoy our times watching the kids perform.

Vick's parents are coming to stay this week-end, so they can go with us to Upstate New York's Premier Garden & Flower Show, held at the Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York on March 26, each year. There is a huge area of garden displays exhibited by local gardening and landscaping contractors, a large area for vendors of crafts, supplies and knick-knacks... then there are food and specialty vendors too. They have a display area near the entrance for flower arrangements entered in competition also. In all, you can spend an entire day there as you slowly take in all the sights. We love going and look forward to that day each spring since we first attended it, several years ago.

I have no idea what we might do today, considering the ugly weather outside. There is that familiar chill in the air they bites into your bones if you are not bundled up like it is winter, yet it looks so much like spring...... a lousy rainy spring day...but spring just the same, which is far better than what we just came from. When it kicks into high gear, raining today, I doubt the people on the mountain will complain as it melts the still clinging snow up there and runs it down the drains... and mountain, on to us folks waiting at the bottom. They are calling for some flooding in the Catskill region and I'm sure it will not do the already bulging Hudson River any good either, but that is what spring is all about! We just don't usually have seven feet of snow on a mountain to rapidly melt and come rushing down at us on a regular spring day.
Its sink, swim or head for the high ground...but you better do it before the torrent starts flowing down your path!
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