Thursday, March 11

Thurs. March 11th... This Just In... Or Out There....Way Out There...Like Me....

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I just received this in an email from Quando-Quackoleneo somewhere...

I checked the cluckin blog this morning to find nary a single comment from our intrepid blogger…again. Not that I normally use ‘nary” in a sentence when I speak or write, but in this circumstance it seemed prudent . Now there I go again using a SAT word when I am typing , to make a specific point , that I would normally not use in any conversation. The truth is , I do not think that I have ever used “prudent” in a sentence when I have spoken to any other carbon based life form. Not that I speak to other life forms , mind you. I am not some psycho who sees “dead people” or aliens , but I have been known to talk to some inanimate objects from time to time. Like my shaver or my car or the TV remote. I have been heard loudly saying “ Oh man, YOU can’t do THIS to ME !! Not NOW!!!” when speaking to a non cooperative piece of electronics or mechanics. I also have been known to try to coax an inanimate object into trying to do my bidding as well from time to time. I have witnesses that will attest to the fact that they have heard Me say , “Turn GREEN, Turn Green , You know I’m in a hurry!” and mumble “Flush damn You, FLUSH!”I have been told that it is possible to actually blog about nothing , to just ramble on and never get to a point. But I seem to want to be like a Greyhound bus Go from one point to another and impress along the way. And when it comes to conversations with fellow homo sapiens. It always seems to be something more mundane. Mundane?
Oops there I go again …sorry
Anyway...They have a point...and I not making an excuse. None other than burnout... Nothing is going on here exciting enough to write about. Uh.... Maybe....
I saw some deer in the drive way a little while ago. I left Kay-Lee in the front door and she rocketed out the side deck door when I called for Callie... I read my email and worked since getting up at re-writes on my book, "It all Began With a Puppy, Our Uncommon Journey". Vick got up... We might go to GNH and look at boards....We bought receptacle, light and switch boxes yesterday at Lowe's...We think we can take garland off of the hospice house today and work inside there making a list of materials...Maybe we'll mount the boxes and look at wire routes... we bought two eight foot ground rods too. We need two more, but they were out of them... I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast...drank several cups of coffee.
Saw a chicken hide somewhere last evening and was out first thing this morning.
WOW is all this exciting... My morning life I mean?? See why I have so much to write about?
BURN-OUT... The condition a writer guy has every now and then, when he writes, and writes, and writes, and writes, and writes.....58 entries out of 70 days this year....or 445 entries in 2009 and only ever receives a comment from four regular readers.....ever! You wonder if it is only interesting to four people or if anyone other than them even care. Then after recharge and figure, oh well...what the heck..... And dive into the same meaningless, meandering, slobbering, mush-mouthed, do-nothing, riff-raff laden bull crap as before. Right?

Some days, there just ain't anything interesting to write about and too many other things to resolve... Maybe I'm just being a pooh-dink. I don't know.....
I'll try to do better Captain America.
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