Tuesday, March 9

Tues. March 9th... Some People Just Can't Leave Well Enough Alone... So Leave!!

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I checked the blog this morning to find a comment from a Chinese reader, or perhaps someone using Chinese to post tags to porn on the site. I really hate when slugs like these parasites use other peoples venues to perpetuate their own agendas like this. I know I get a little testy with language at times, especially when I'm worked up, but there is no excuse for going onto someone's site and posting porn crap or links to it, using another language to hide what you are doing. As I stated, if it happens again, I will ban this user from our blog and report them to wiredsafety.org. if they persist in trying to use us.
WiredSafety, Is A 501(c)(3) Program and the largest online safety, education and help group in the world. They are a cyber-neighborhood watch and operate worldwide in cyberspace through their more than 9,000 volunteers worldwide. (WiredSafety is run entirely by volunteers.)
One day, organizations such as this will perfect their tracking methods to immediately seek out this type of scum and arrest them, which will stop this illegal use of the internet and make it much easier and safer for regular people to trust using the internet.
Yesterday we stopped at the Vet and grabbed some meds for the dog, on the way to the corn farmer in Coxsackie. His prices increased 50¢ per bag, but we understand... we don't complain... we know everything is more expensive for him... so we simply pay it without bitching and complaining...
Now, let me have to increase a dozen eggs by 5¢ once... We'd never hear the end of it. The funny thing is that right now... we cannot even recover our feed money selling free range, non-medicated ((organic)...which we do not say) farm fresh eggs at $2.50 per dozen and people complain because we do not size them, but place eggs ranging from Jumbo to Medium in the container. (All Bantam eggs are placed in separate containers and marked as small eggs) It never seems to change, a farmers costs continue to rise and they smile and pay it, yet the public which buys from him complain about everything. Have you ever seen a farmer living in a fancy house or driving anything but a clunker truck with the bumper falling off, or a rust hole in the side big enough to crawl through? We don't want to get rich...just live...enjoy life living among animals, have good food and friends.
Yesterday Vick bought twenty pounds of wool fleece at a farm down the road. As soon as our wool picker arrives, I will start to process the wool through the picker and carder so she can dye it and make it available to the public on our site at
http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.com/cluckin%20a%20critter%20farm_018.htm where I will add a wool fiber section with prices of raw wool, picked and carded wool and "dyed, ready to spin wool".
Once you see this, you can rest assured that Vick will be spinning our own Alpaca, Angora and sheep wool, right here on the farm.
We are looking forward to the creation of items which will be placed into the hospice gift shop for sale later this summer.
I think today will be a good time to go out and remove all the holiday decorations we couldn't due to the weather before and take measurements and notes for the electrical and inside materials to finish it. Especially sine it is so nice out there today!
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