Sunday, March 7

Sun. March 7th... Wow, What a Day This One Has Been...

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This morning, we left the chickens out and gathered eggs before jumping into the truck and heading for Hilltown Agway for chicken feed and wood chips. Upon returning, I unloaded the feed into the feed room, removed everything else which we had been storing in there and took it upstairs into the front office room, then unloaded all the wood chips into the corner, ready for immediate use. After that, I came into the house to find a neighbor's car sitting in the driveway and the neighbor telling me that there was a coyote in the front yard with the chickens. I immediately ran into the house and grabbed the .22 semi and headed for the yard, where I saw him crossing the yard into the swamp area. I high tailed it across the yard and to the edge of the swamp, where I immediately downed the culprit before he could escape. I was a little concerned about this guy being out by himself, in the middle of the day and allowing himself to be seen, which is highly odd for a coyote. (Unless he was starving) I didn't walk out into the swamp to get a close up look at him because I would have found myself in water had I broken through the snow and ice underneath and with the temperatures being what they had been the last couple of days, I wasn't chancing it. He needed to be dispatched at any rate, for whatever the reason. He was in our yard, at the chickens. That is reason enough.

Later in the afternoon, our friends Stanley and Joyce came over and we all went to our friends Carol and Gregory's for a very good Salad, dinner, wine and dessert, with coffee.
It was excellent! Vick and I had such a nice time.........
Now we are home, alone and settled in for the evening. Perhaps we'll watch a movie or just retire to the upstairs where Vick will spin or paint. Being up since six in the morning...I don't last very long after ten in the evening. Vick is an evening girl and I'm a morning boy... But we spend our time together with each other in between! (She's my BEST friend and favorite person!!!!)
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