Sunday, March 7

Sun. March 7th... Outta Chicken Feed, Wood Pellets, Coffee, Food and Money, but Doing Great!!!

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Seems that is the way of today's economy... Ain't got any! We do this from time to time, as we get all wound up in our everyday lives of running here and running there...doing this and doing that. We finally stop and look around to find we need to stop and regroup.
I've been concentrating on updating our websites and Joe's (Vick's Dad's) as follows: , ,
and finally Joe's other site within ours at

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We have been busting butt on all the fiber preparations, spinning, weaving, knitting and felting during all the bad weather, so we can hit the outdoors as soon as the weather and snow clears a little. We will start to do a bit of work inside the hospice gift shop, do the wiring and finish the inside so we can start to stock it for opening this spring or summer. The problem is that we will again, shear the alpacas in May or June, having all that fiber to process, then work with it or sell it on-line and to visiting customers and we must be ready for shearing day.

For now however, I suppose we should concentrate on getting some feed here for the chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, alpacas and angoras, then food for us and wood pellets to stay warm for another month...

Yesterday was filled by feeding and turning all the animals loose, and then going to the Athens Cultural Society building to be part of a group of thirty people, in a spinning, knitting and latch hook get-together, which lasted most of the afternoon. We got the opportunity to visit and talk with our good friend and felter Dawna, who spent a day teaching us to felt last fall. She told us about this event and invited us to attend. Everyone brought a covered dish or dessert plate and enjoyed the afternoon. We met Nora, a photographer from Athens, who wishes to come to the farm to take some pictures. She will enjoy the photo opportunity and we will enjoy the exposure she will create.
I requested that Nora send me a picture or two of the group, since I forgot the camera, so as soon as she forwards one to me, I'll post it here.
Now... gotta go get feed, pellets and food!
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