Saturday, March 6

Sat. March 6th... Another weekend... Another Adventure... Vick Goes a Spinnin'

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Today is a beautiful, but somewhat brisk, late winter morning with a temperature of twenty five right now. They are calling for the high today to be in the forties, which is usual for this time of the year. Tomorrow... they say some places may even see fifty degrees, which would really aid in melting this ugly, now dirty snow. The funny thing is that on Wednesday or Thursday, they are calling for snow showers in the forty-one to forty-five degree zone. These are the flurries that turn into full blown accumulation snowfalls without warning, this time of the year.
Anyway, the chickens and ducks have been relishing every bit of dry ground with grass, when they are out during the days now. They would be extremely happy if all the snow melted today and never returned. Us too!!!
Today, Vick and I are heading to Athens, along the mighty Hudson, for a get-together spinning group, at the cultural center in Athens, NY. We received the invitation from our good friend Dawna, last summer when we went to her house to learn how to felt our alpaca fiber. She mentioned this event and said we should plan to attend, so we marked it on the calendar and today, we're going to go. I will either observe or help in whatever manner I can, or I might take the laptop and work on my book, which I want to complete soon, then get it proof read, which should complete the publishing and send to my printer in Pennsylvania.
This book...called
"It All Began With a Puppy...Our Uncommon Journey", is the one which tells the story of Vick and we met, got together, grew to love one another and created a life and working farm, right here in upstate New York.

Vick's parents will baby sit the dogs today, so I'll turn all the critters free to roam for the day, with loud country music playing outside, which will annoy coyotes, foxes and neighbors alike. We haven't lost a chicken to predation since playing the music outside. I believe it signifies the presence of humans, which keeps the predators at bay, never getting close enough to cause a problem. Hawks...I'm not so sure, will care about the music. Perhaps they will....we'll see this summer.
We plan to meet a few new people and spend the day with Dawna, spinning and feasting on items that each participant happens to bring. Vick made Penne Vodka to offer as our covered dish.
We'll be back later this afternoon. Perhaps we can shoot some pictures, if the attendees don't mind having their pictures taken and posted. (Some do you know)
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