Friday, March 5

Fri. March 5th... I'm Beginning to Hate Hearing the News AND The Weather....

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Ya ever think this old world is just flyin' apart? Think about it.... First there was Haiti with their 7.0 quake...then Chile with their 8.8 quake and now Taiwan's 6.4 during rush hour yesterday morning. The 8.8 magnitude quake alone has knocked the earth out of its previous axis by three inches, into a new one, which shortened the day a little. By changing the earth's mass, which speeded the rotation of earth, it shortened an earth day by 1.26 millisecond. This doesn't really seem significant, but think of it this way, every time this happens; we have usually had a devastating tsunami somewhere. This time it brushed by several places and caused significant damage to the southern Juan Fernandez Islands....and promised more predicted damages in Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, all of Central America and French Polynesia. New Zealand also issued a tsunami alert, warning of a wall of water up to 10 feet high, with landfall due there at just after 6pm GMT.
The tsunami passed all these countries coasts with little damage, but it's not just the poor countries experiencing the earthquakes anymore! It's a larger problem affecting far more people in far more areas. Who's next? Is each new earthquake spanning another one later from a previous one? Perhaps the world will just fly to pieces and we will be thrust off into outer space without a piece of dirt to stand on.
I doubt it.
This morning, we were in Albany at 8:15... Vick was in the dentist's chair at 8:30...not a good thing for a person who hates dentist visits and early mornings. She was in there for an hour and a half and then we took off for the Medusa firehouse to buy three quarts of their special clam chowder. The clam chowder benefit is only one of the many benefits they run throughout the year. There is no better way to support your community fireman than to pick up some of their delicious foods as they make them available during the year.
When we returned home, I turned all the critters loose to run. It's actually a bit too cold to be outside trying to do anything and we've been working on another web site for Vick's Dad's music. He has CD's available on two websites so that all the resort vacationers from all those years, who were entertained by Joe. Many were looking for his music, wanting to purchase it to enjoy at home as they did in the Catskill resorts. He's now at both or at and music is available at both. Take a good look at his work and play some of his sample music. He is a very versatile entertainer and loved my millions of vacationers!
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