Thursday, March 4

Thurs. March 4th... More Beautiful Sun and Temperatures in the Forties......

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We're extremely glad to hear that we are going to have temperatures in the forties, clear through the week-end and into Tuesday...ALONG with sun! That should put a real crimp on the snow depth by the time Tuesday rolls around. We're looking forward to getting back to normal, with bare ground and the ability to clean barns and stalls properly. It sure is easier when you can drive around the property on the tractor, to do medial tasks, like delivering feed to the various containers at the various buildings. In fact, Vick and I have discussed the creation of a road system in the back yard area, between each of the buildings, so we can traverse from one to another without mud and rutting in the yard. There are only a few weeks that we cannot drive around the yard (in the absence of snow), because of mud, and in the winter, it's difficult to plow on grass, and so installing roadbeds this summer is an intelligent project that will eliminate both problems.
It will be especially nice in the summer when you get a few days of rain and everything is soaked. We will still be able to drive the car between barns to service the animals and winter will be so much easier.
Today, I will remove some more of the slushy snow in the driveway to facilitate melting and drain off of water. I also need to remove the massive pile of snow in front of the hospice gift shop entrance. Later this spring or summer, we will install a system which will eliminate snow from dropping in front of the gift shop porch and the alpaca's entry to the barn, which has shown itself to be a problem this winter by dropping over six feet of snow all across the overshot area where the alpacas enter the barn. At one point, Bollero was in the pasture and snow slid off the roof and blocked his entry to the barn and shelter. He stood in the snow and rain until I got the six foot pile shoveled away from his entrance.
We need to rectify the gate closure in the pasture also. Gates that swing in, are good for making sure livestock don't push out by breaking latches, but it is stupid when you cannot open gates because of deep snow. We need to change that to allow passage of snow removal equipment through the gate access opening. We will also enlarge the door into the new chicken coop in the large barn so we can pull the tractor inside to clean easily. Then there is a four foot high door into the small barn's outside run that will be enlarged to a full size door so you don't have to crawl into the outside run. These are all just little projects which will occur this summer as time permits between fishing and doing other such things we've missed in past summers due to constant building. We are not doing that this summer. We're going to enjoy a little this year!
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