Wednesday, March 3

Wed. March 3rd... More Lousy Snow Falling Today...(but it sure is pretty again)

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Much as I want spring to arrive, I have to say that the new fallen, un-disturbed, perfectly white snow, is so beautiful to look at in the early morning hour. I guess since we are so close to the end of winter, I should relish the sight which will soon be gone until next fall. Funny how people always want what they don't have isn't it? We all long for seasons past and look forward to the coming ones, usually missing the beauty of the present ones. Some people long for what their neighbors have and get about half an attitude with them because of it. Some are just stupid and give up all the beautiful and lovely things they have for what they don't have...Look at Tiger Woods! Was there anything he was chasing, worth what he gave up? I certainly doubt it!!
Vick and I share everything we have with friends and neighbors and some still seem to have attitudes. We have even had people that we welcomed into our home and shared our possessions with, actually steal some of our things when they left... and to them we say, Shame on you! If we ever ask you back....Shame on us, but a person has to live with themselves, so they should always make sure they are good, upstanding and enjoyable company! We always Do!!! One person was such a low life scum, that he stold three $30.00 game disc's, to give to his little boy as birthday gifts that afternoon. Smoke and drink your money away and then steal for your childs birthday gift. What a role model you are Matt! We feel good that your child had a happy birthday on us! Now you live with the shame!!
Today, I know we are going to make a trip to Vick's dentist...if for nothing else than to have her tell us it is her sinuses or whatever, but Vick had a kind of toothache yesterday afternoon and into the evening, and we want to get it checked out. We missed the chiropractor yesterday too, so we will attempt that visit again today. We also have the 501-C3 to mail back to the IRS, which will go this morning too. All this in a falling snow again. They are not calling for accumulations to amount to anything though, so let er' snow. Get it outta yer system Mother Nature... cause spring's a comin'.
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