Tuesday, March 2

Tues. March 2nd... WOW...Another Day Without Snow...Could it Possibly Be Over?

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Again, wouldn't we love it????
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I got up this morning to a beautiful blue, sunny sky...with birds singing and squirrels munching corn from the bird feeders. I saw a Downy Woodpecker on the suet block on the back porch and a Blue Jay, scolding a squirrel which was putting on the best deaf and dumb act I've ever witnessed in my life. That little squirrel was oblivious to the Jays swoops, dives and chatter, as he belligerently sat there, munching on a kernel of corn, in lieu of the severe Arial attack, being mounted by the Blue Jay. It definitely wanted that little gray squirrel away from the bird feeder. Blue Jays are very nasty birds, but I'd bet this particular one has tangled with a gray squirrel before....and I'm sure that would be an event not quickly forgotten, because swoop and dive as he might, the Jay was smart enough not to make contact with the gray squirrel, so the squirrel didn't worry at all. He just continued to eat. Kind of puts a new twist on the old saying, "Walk softly and carry a big stick." This one is "Sit quietly and chew with BIG, SHARP TEETH."
I can tell you that I once personally observed a fellow hunter pick up an injured squirrel he had shot and somewhat quicker than the eye could follow, the squirrel wiggled and twisted around, held onto my friend's hand with both front (clawed) feet and bit clear through his index and pointer finger on one hand, before crawling up the front of his shirt, scratching up and over his face, then jumping to a tree, from the top of his head. This all happened before my friend could scream from the first bite.
I was in shock and awe initially....then doubled over in hysterics, in lieu of the severe bleeding from his fingers. I couldn't help it. You have to picture a big guy with a gun, laughing and saying "Ah Haa, got ya sucker!", but when the squirrel fell after the shot, I could then detect remorse in the big guy's voice as he said, "Awwww, he's not dead...he's hurt..."
As he bent over to pick the squirrel up, I thought, "You dumb ass....what did you think would happen if you shoot him?" And then it happened...like a streak of lightning, it happened... and left us standing there...both dumbfounded before he finally screamed in pain, breaking the trance. I know it had to hurt, but it was still funny, how this little guy fought back. Some times I think he missed the squirrel completely and it fell from the branch when the gun roared, scaring him. I think that when he hit the ground, it knocked the wind out of him and when John picked him up, he recovered his senses and figured it was time to bite and split. We never saw the squirrel again and there was no blood anywhere (except on John, which was all his own) Funny memories... but unforgotten lessons about wildlife...especially those little defenseless ones. I'll bet John never forgot either, with those two nice scars on his fingers. I'll bet he remember really well.

Today, I believe we will take a ride to Guilderland for the Chiropractor to bend and shape Vick's back for her. It has been giving her a fit lately and she's over-due to see him anyway. I believe it's been about six months or more since she has been there. That's a nice way to spend the day anyhow...taking it easy...and she should.
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