Thursday, March 18

Thurs. March 18th... What A Beautiful Spring Like Day... Two Days Early......

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We woke up this morning to a world that was perfect, except for our usual aches and pains that we've decided we'll have the rest of our lives...It Seems!!! The weather was phenomenally warm and the mud is drying up...well some of it is drying up, but some places aren't too. I fed, watered and released the chickens and ducks, gathered eggs and decided to run a bag of shelled corn over to the little barn, so I hooked up the trailer to the John Deere and threw the bag into the back of the trailer. I drove over to the barn, unloaded the corn into the barrel and started back to the barn, making a sweeping turn and quicker than a heart beat, had a tractor that was swamped instantly, to the frame! So much for a good day... I got Vick to come out and drive the tractor, as I drug it by hand with a chain. Vick powered forward while I pulled, until we got it out onto solid ground. She was My Savior!!!

We then went to do a few errands and upon returning home, readied for a visit from Vick's family. We spent a good hour yakking and laughing as we caught up on current events since they last visited. Vick took a call in the middle of their visit from our insurance agent, who was close to frantic. Oh....what twisted webs these guys weave. Just like highway bandits! Our agent is just agent for the company that supplies us the insurance for the farm, our home and the hospice gift shop. You would think that with this multi-million dollar insurance plan, which cripples us when the bill comes, would cover us without question, but oh noooooooo. They looked at our web page because we questioned the current cost of the policy and flipped out about us selling the home made Amish scented Lye soap. Oh my...someone could use the soap to wash with and have an allergic reaction, break out in a rash that kills them pretty bad and they'll sue us for a Bazillion hundred gazillion many dollars and seventy five cents.
Tellin' em that I would just punch em hard, on the spot where they broke out into that rash, didn't make any difference to them. They wanted the soap off the web site and for us to not sell it. I say...OTAY!!! (as Buckwheat always used to say) I took it off this evening and replaced the page with our felted animals, which I was going to put on the site anyway. If you look at them, remember that we are working on the page and there are no prices or links to "add to cart" buttons yet. It was kind of a rush deal to get the soap off before an insurance guy had a heart attack and we got sued for a Bazillion hundred gazillion many dollars and seventy five cents. Amen...

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