Wednesday, March 17

Wed, March 17th... The Luck Of The Irish...Have We or Have We Not...

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The silence is broken by a zealous rooster...
It is still dark enough that you cannot make out the shapes within the back yard, their presence made real by a night light in each, glowing softly through a window.
Sometime later, the approaching dawn gave to me, the gift of vision to observe,
a confused landscape which would not decide to express either winter or spring,
for the smell of spring was still entrenched in melting snow and chilling breezes.
Yet we sense the presence of a warmth and the returning presence of tree buds.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
It's the day that every person of Irish decent celebrates the life of the Patron Saint of Ireland which brought Christianity to their homeland, Leprechauns, green beer and Good Luck! We have been invited again to partake of a wonderfully delicious dinner at our neighbor Charlie and Joan's house for her specialty... Corned beef and cabbage with Irish soda bread and wine. We relish the evening dinner with both Charlie and Joan, who are the very best neighbors one could ever have. He's always there when you need him or her and they are fun to spend time with. Joan has a terrific sense of humor and Charlie's heart is as big as the world.

Soon we will be having kitties. Our little Kay Lee has gotten herself in a motherly way and possibly her sister Callie has done that too, although she doesn't show like Kay Lee, we're not sure she was caught at the same time. She came into heat at the same time as Kay Lee, and then stopped abruptly, only to come back in two weeks later. Perhaps, Mr. Tomboy serviced her then and she will fill out soon. We'll see. Anyway, Kay-Lee is probably in her week or the next one coming. We will prepare a box in the computer room here and one in the barn, both boxes with a towel for comfort and to help keep the kitties warm when Mom leaves to eat. Pictures will be forthcoming.........

Today should or could be a barn clean-out day. I was waiting for things to dry up, but we've waited too long now and the stable needs dunged out. It usually isn't too bad, because the alpacas go outside, but they were trapped inside a lot by the heavy snow when it slid off the roof and created a six foot barrier, blocking their way to their usual poop pile, forcing them to go inside. Since it isn't dry enough to travel across the yard with the tractor to bucket the dung out, I'll pile it in the Fort Apache area until things dry up some and bucket it to the compost pile then. At least the stable will again be clean for the alpacas. After that, we'll work on the chicken coop........

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