Tuesday, March 16

Tues. March 16th... What a beautiful day to have a sore back and a cold......

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We've been waiting for this day for a week now. It was about 65 to 70° today with the sun blazing out of a cloudless, blue sky... and we are feeling sickly enough to not get anything done. We did go to Catskill to eat lunch in a little bakery and tried to get our fishing license on the way home, but the guy wouldn't take a credit card or a check and some idiot (probably Gov. Patterson, the idiot supreme) raised fishing licenses to $29.00 each! Last year the license was only $19.00. You must also have a marine license of $10.00, on top of the $29.00 if you want to fish in the Hudson River (supposedly) for Stripped Bass. They say if you are fishing the Hudson for Stripped Bass only, then you do not need a regular NY license, Just the NY marine license. They also claim that if you are fishing the Hudson for bass, catfish or perch and not Stripped Bass, you need the regular license, but not the marine license. Why do I see hundreds of people arrested for infractions this year, because the NY conservation website is even wrong and contradicting on this issue, according to the license salesman? I really hate to think of dropping $30.00 to go fishing a few days for trout and I wouldn't trust fishing in the Hudson without the additional $10.00 marine license, for fear of getting arrested for breaking whatever the law is...Who Knows?

We have a sheep, alpaca, duck and an angora bunny felted animal now made. We have to finalize each to complete the fine details and then I will show you pictures on the blog. These are the animals we will use for the kits we are going to sell on the webpage. I must admit that it is quite fun to make these animals from a ball of fiber.

Another day like today and the snow will surely all be gone. I was told that we could expect two more days such as today and then several rainy days again. With that on the agenda... there is no doubt the snow will all be gone here. I can't wait for that and the mud to dry up a bit, so I can get the tractor into the barn to clean the alpacas stall and get to the compost pile out back. It needs it bad, along with all the other buildings. We want to get the brooding house cleaned and functional so we can get the incubators going and order our turkeys and meat birds. You know spring is here and the geese are back, the incubators are running and the spring peepers are singing in the swamp. I have yet to hear them, but it sure won't be long......
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