Friday, April 16

Friday, April 16, 2010... Cooler, Warmer, Cooler, Warmer, Which is it Gonna Be?

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Vick has her plant trees about worn out from dragging them in and out as we head into this spring wrought full of frost warnings... Every other day it is cold enough for a jacket, then it's back to short sleeve shirts to keep from roasting.
We are making headway on the farm stuff, but as fast as we progress, we find new things to put on our list of things to do. Yesterday, due to my knees projecting rain...we worked on hauling the topsoil into the gift shop area where we needed to backfill and swell the foundation for planting the flowers Vick is removing from the little garden pond out front.

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The ninny idiot we bought the pond from in Troy, NY...put plants in around the pond that grew three feet tall in most places and six in the others, completely hiding the cascading water in the summer from view. After paying a nice hefty price for the pond, his guys glued everything solid, so come fall, I couldn't get the pump out without cutting the line. I called him and he just blew me off, by promising to come fix it, but never did. I confronted him at the next flower show, (which is where we bought the pond from him the year before) but he said, "Yeah, I do remember that." That was it... No sorry, I'll make it right, nothing. I wanted to... but Vick's parents were with us and I already promised to be nice, since Vick hates confrontation. I fixed it myself, quietly, reluctantly... End result.
Never use Howard Landscape & Watergarden LLC, 321 Croll Road, Valley Falls, NY 12185-3108. Watch that you don't accidently call (518) 753-0414
Mark Howard is a lying rip-off artist...not to be trusted in any business dealings!!!!!!!!!
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Now...back to regular business.... We are now a "Pride of New York" farm! We were accepted as a member and will be displaying a sign on the barn and maybe at the road sign, so people know we are following the state criteria for wholesale and retail sales here on the farm. That means a lot, making it much easier for us to deal with restaurants that wish to serve free range, macrobiotic, all natural egg breakfasts. We do our best to supply the highest quality eggs around...

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