Sunday, April 18

Sunday, April 18, 2010... We Got Eggs...Boy oh Boy, do we Got Eggs......

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I don't know what goes sometimes, but we enter into the twilight zone of farmers sometimes...linger there and then it seems to disappear just as fast as it appears. Right now, we have the egg box filled on the porch and near 42 dozen eggs in the basement refrigerator, just waiting for someone to come along and such them up. It always happens too. We go a few days without selling, and then BAM!!!!! every one and their brothers show up, wanting eggs.... and lots of eggs.... after which we are sitting here looking stunned toward one another, without any eggs for the next folks who pull in. I would never believe that we could amass this many eggs, but we are averaging 85 to 110 eggs a day anymore. We have one local restaurant that seems to be smarter than the average, because they are talking about taking our free range, all natural chicken and duck eggs to serve as their all day breakfast. They are going to bill several choice breakfast dishes as All natural, free range, organic eggs from the chickens of the "Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm", a locally run poultry farm specializing in quality eggs and poultry.
We are going to raise the giant free range Cornish Cross Roasters and broad breasted Bronze turkeys. Free range organically fed chickens and turkeys are the thing that most people are looking for now-a-days. They are much better for you and have unparalleled taste compared to commercially raised, store bought turkeys.
The next two days are filled with travel, because we are going to Jersey to take care of an important commitment and then the next day we are driving to Pittsfield, Mass. to pick up our Merino sheep and return.
I believe we have more than enough room in the stable in the barn for an extra animal, but if we deem not, it's a very simple matter of adding a six by six post and a few rails and we can pick up a good 30 to 60 square feet of stall space, very quickly.
The next thing I will start on will be the 8 x 10 turkey house, which will be built on the end of the bunny brothel. That way I will also have ventilation through the brothel, which is clean air, forced through the turkey house too. That's important in the summer heat... especially on those hot muggy nights. It won't take too long to frame up that, but we will have to get a few boards to close it in and frame in the window I removed from the chicken coop.
On the 21st, we are due to find ducklings hatching all over the place... then again... on May 9th... we are due to start receiving Peking Ducks hatching in the second incubator. The six little chicks we now have are doing really well. I guess I could put the sign out along the road, letting folks know we have them for sale.
Below are a couple pictures of Vick's latest artwork. BEAUTIFUL and thought provoking... I love her work and she loves doing them. Enjoy....

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This is "On a Misty Morning"

This is "A Rooster Explosion"

This is our resident Goose, "Mama to be"... She is perking a clutch of eggs...

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