Tuesday, April 20

Monday, April 19, 2010... We're Back in One Piece... Mission Accomplished...

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We returned from New Jersey around 4:30 this afternoon, after our visit which lasted but a short time, as we accomplished our mission to complete a commitment we had. We had a Rita's ice cream later and the hit a local White Castle for belly bomber's at lunch time. We also stopped at Pearl Paint in Paramus, where Vick picked up a packet of rice paper for watercolor painting and a few other art items she has been planning to pick up. The trip down the thruway was a normal trip with a little run on the Garden State Parkway. It was a pleasant but long ride and we actually enjoyed the time riding.
Our trip to Pittsfield, Massachusetts tomorrow has been called off for two more weeks. The lady said her sheep had a lice infection from some angora goats, so she didn't want us infecting our alpacas with lice. She did one treatment, but will perform a second treatment in a week and then wait another to be sure the lice are gone before we bring Herbie home to our farm. We appreciate her concern and honesty in calling us to wait. She could have dumped Herbie on us with the lice and we would have had to rid him of the infestation, never knowing where they came from.
Tomorrow we will gather some parts to make an accessory for Vick's Dad's trumpet stand. We will also take a little run to Albany around noon to do a special shopping trip for Joe.... for now...it's gonna be a rush trip to get the garbage and recyclables out and then we're off to bed.....
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