Saturday, April 10

Saturday, April 10, 2010... Today Is A Run-Around Day...Or Ya Freeze!!!!!

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Got up this morning and immediately decided it was too cold to do anything outside, so we just stayed put in here. I don't know what the temperature was this morning, but when we went to Hollowbrook Restaurant to pick up a pizza, it was snowing! We snuggled under a pile of blankets last evening up in the bedroom and Vick finally relented and switched the furnace on up there for the first time since the 2008-2009 winter...... We did use the propane fireplace in the dead of winter to temper the upstairs...but didn't have the furnace on all winter.

We received an email with a great surprise! Vick's brother did the rendered and painted picture of Vick and me standing in front of the barn. We both decided at the same time, that we would use it as our farm opener along with some of our older regular pictures. We were delighted and told Rich so. We think he should continue to draw and paint local, historical pictures on the mountain and market them. Everyone loves rendered and colored local artwork and the Catskills offers such a great number of beautiful subjects which people would love to take home after being here to visit and vacation. We think he could do well supplying local establishments with his art!

Yesterday...we hit it pretty hard in the bunny brothel. We installed a screen door on the inside door, so it could be left open to allow cool, shady, inside air to circulate through the brothel to keep the bunny's cool this summer. Next we made a platform to raise the grooming table and I built Vick an enclosure to keep them on the table and calm. They now won't be afraid of falling off the table, because only the front is open and this is where Vicki will stand to brush them and groom or shear them. We also installed three shelves for storage and hung a lot of the supplies up to keep them neat.
We need to leave and run a few errands and when we return, I'll snap a few pictures of the grooming cubicle and the screen door to the brothel.
Stay tuned this afternoon.....
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