Monday, April 12

Monday, April 12, 2010... Yesterday The Bunny Brothel...Today the World!!!

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Ah... well....maybe I got a little carried away there... cuz today, I think will be the turkey house beginning... I hope. Yesterday, we worked in the brothel and as Vick was shearing and clipping bunnies of their winter knots and tangles, I cleaned the winter's droppings, wood chips and hay from the floor and made everything fresh and new looking. It's really nice in there as you will see from the pictures below.
We have to go run a few errands also, but I hope to at least start the turkey house today to be ready for them when we acquire them. I'll try for a few pictures at the end of the day for this evening. If not, check here tomorrow for them. We're Off!
(not just a little either)

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Sunrise over the Pupskill By Lake Pond Inlet and duck pond...




The Bunny Brothel Screen Door

The Brothel

Grooming area with table

Table close-up

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Other corner of the brothel
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