Tuesday, April 13

Tuesday, April 13, 2010...We're Off To The Lousy Dentist Office Again Today...

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To tell you the truth, this would be escalading into my choice of daily napping areas, if it wouldn't be so serious and painful for Vick. I've become quite fond of the sofa, which is just the right comfort level to catch a nap in without lying down. In lieu of my comfort there, poor Vick just can't seem to catch a break. The root canal thingie went disastrously wrong and took almost four weeks to resolve and the permanent, million dollar, 14 carat gold, cap hasn't been set yet...And now, we have found that she has a wisdom tooth with a periodontal issue and infection right next to the first tooth. She has pain and a very nasty taste in her mouth which you would think could be remedied in this day and age of scientific dentistry, RIGHT? Well....doesn't look like it? Seems the only thing getting better is this establishment's monthly income level, thanks to Vick!!!!!
So, today she goes for the deep cleaning session. I wonder why they call it that. I wonder if they are talking about teeth or pocketbooks, because it's about $900.00 to do this little cleaning... Seems like such a cheap term... cleaning. I'd think for that kind of money they could come up with a name such as "Ultra purification cleansing with biologically diversified antibiotic curative effectivity". Now doesn't that sound more nine hundred dollarish?

I'll fill you in on what's up as soon as we return home this afternoon or evening.
(remember, this is the place she sat in the chair for four hours once.....)
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