Sunday, April 4

Sunday, April 04, 2010... Happy Easter Everyone... We Had a Really Nice Day...

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We really enjoyed the day today with the bright sun and warm temperatures. We took a lot of movies of the farm, the animals and us taking care of them. We are going to make DVD's to send to Dad and Rose so they can see our farm and the animals.
Our company came around two thirty or so this afternoon. We chatted for a little while before Vick's family came rolling in the driveway. When they were settled in we all started eating the honey ham, lamb loaf, mashed potatoes and vegetables, before retiring to the rear porch deck for coffee, as we waited for Vick to prepare dessert. She did a fantastic job of making a devils food cake and lemon squares.
Since then, we bid farewell to all in attendance and cleaned up the mess, filling the dishwasher twice. We are now going to retire for the evening...Happy, Full and ready for a good nights sleep.
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