Saturday, April 3

Sat. April 3rd... We Had The Most Beautiful Day Anyone Could Ask For...

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What a great day today was. It started out as a super pretty and warm spring day suitable for mention years from now. We supplied Chris with his weekend bundle of ten dozen eggs for the restaurant and then several others who came in for the usual weekend pickup. We decided to take advantage of the lovely day and clean out the duck and geriatric chicken coop, so we brought the front end loader over and I shoveled the winter dung and wood chips out of the chicken side, put four full buckets of crusher dust in the duck run and then emptied the duck side of the coop. We then put all new wood chips down in both sides and finished up.
After putting all the animals away for the evening, we decided to make the long run to Coxsackie for pizza. Showing we are completely blessed in every way, the phone began to ring...right before we were ready to walk out the door. Anthony, one of our egg customers and friends called to see if Vick would take his blood pressure for him again this evening to confirm readings from this morning til this evening. It was high this morning and it was still high this evening, indicating he must see his doctor about medicine to control it. We told him we would wait until we checked his pressure and then leave for our pizza. He called us back within a few minutes and told us he was bringing Chinese food for us so we didn't have to travel this evening for dinner since we worked all day and were tired.
It sure is lovely to have good friends... There was probably twenty five to thirty dollars worth of food that Anthony dropped off. He said we might as well eat it tonight, because tomorrow being Easter... they wouldn't eat it and it would just go bad and be thrown out. Thank you God...what good friends you have bestowed upon both Vick and I. In a few short minutes it will again be Easter Sunday. We will host an Easter Sunday dinner if honey ham and lamb loaf, with all the trimmings. Vick's Mom and Dad, Brother, wife and kids and Jimmy, Maria and their two daughters will come for dinner and then some family time talking and laughing later.
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Happy Easter Everyone.
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