Friday, April 2

Fri. April 2nd... Wahoo...Cleaned The Barn Yesterday... Went Fishin' Today...

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Well now... We got into the barn yesterday with the tractor and I pitched the dung out while Vick trucked it across the yard to the poo pile. That took awhile, but boy, was it ever worth it. After that was done, we harnessed the boys and gave them their Ivermectin shot for the month and then turned them loose. Getting rid of the roosters on the old barn side was received well by the ladies of the barn... The ducks also appreciated it, because they are much happier now too. Everyone was out browsing the yard, looking for bugs and the ducks were cruising the shallows all along the edge of the ponds and the yard.
Vick went to the dentist for her weekly supply of "Did Nothing"...on the same stupid tooth... Now it is hurting her again...just as it has for the last three or four weeks. We did have a nice breakfast at a little Italian restaurant in the Hannaford in the Delaware Mall in Delmar... They also have outrageous lunch specials for only $4.95... Unbelievable!!
We went to the bank this afternoon and then stopped at the town clerk to pick up our fishing licenses. Once we had them, we went on down the road, bought some nightcrawlers and went to a park and fished for a little bit. All we caught was a little peace and quiet, as we kicked back in lawn chairs and watched a guy with his dog swimming after a ball as he was paddling around in a kayak. How refreshing to just relax there watching the water rippling and a muskrat swimming by.
Then it was home to put all the chickens and ducks away for the night.

On a different note.... we finally got as close to a solid confirmation that the New York DEC is releasing mountain lions in our area, as we'll ever get. We talked to a lady we know on the Schoharie turnpike, who has donkeys, a Llama and horses the other day. She assured us that her neighbor next to her was approached by a DEC officer to see if she would consider letting him release a mountain lion on her property. She agreed, because she didn't have any animals anyway and it wouldn't hurt, so the DEC officer released the cougar, right there on the spot. That is to the east of us. Our friend Kenny, who lives down the other the west of us, had a cougar jump out onto the road directly in front of him as he was walking his little dog a month ago. He scooped the pup up in his arms, for fear the cougar was after his dog, but the cat ambled off the other side of the road, uninterested, it seemed. Vicki and I saw one in Lexington two years ago about this time of the year. It was unmistakably a mountain lion...cougar...puma. No mistake. Not a bobcat and definitely not a tame one. They are here to stay. It's sad to say, but the deer herd was too large, causing too many insurance claims for deer, car collisions, so the insurance companies bitched to the DEC and both...unknown to the other, released coyotes to control and lessen the deer population. Since both were relocating coyotes...secretly...they became an out of control predator... now the DEC is releasing the cougars to gain control over the coyotes. This pisses me off because now we must worry about the alpacas and Herbie, the Merino sheep we are going to get soon.
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