Thursday, April 1

Thurs. April 1st... The weather sounds like it's not an April Fools Day Prank...

At least the weather is projected to be mild, sunny and in the high sixties. This better not be an April Fools Day prank! We've been waiting for this type of weather. It's the first day of trout seasons here in New York also.
With all these developments slated for...and actually happening today, I'm more excited to say that the lady chickens of the geriatric sector (in the old original chicken coop) will exit the coop today to a new seven rooster void. That's about twelve total roosters that left from that chicken house. The hens and ducks will probably be extremely delighted and will again begin laying eggs like before. I've noticed that the guinea fowl are now kicked into high gear, as far as laying eggs, throughout the day, so we'll load a bunch of these into the incubators too. Hopefully then we will have some newly hatched keets following the adult females around the yard this summer. I know sometime here soon a few will disappear, only to reappear later with a family of keets. That will be really fun to watch.
Last evening we met the nicest farm couple from up the road, when they came for the seven Roosters which they called about earlier in the morning. They have a place near the river above Coeymans landing with some chickens and goats. They are developing and making their own cheese from the goat's milk, so Vick and I want to go see their place sometime and sample their cheese. We have decided to possibly sell some homemade bread, home made butter, ice cream and a few other confectionaries in the hospice gift shop later, allowing folks to linger on the porch, watching the animals and munch on goodies at the little tables, listening to relaxing music....the perfect touch of old country charm. We have a commissary kitchen at our disposal for preparing such delights, which we can then stock in a refrigerator in the gift shop.
First though, we must complete the shop itself as soon as possible. That's another story.....

On a completely different note... have you ever noticed a person that spends way too much of their life hating someone? It's sad that they cannot see that when their mind is pre-occupied with hateful plotting, and they spend time trying to wreak revenge, that these are seconds of life which are wasted...and can never be recovered. Forgive, forget and be freed.....
Spend each and every second of your day invested in your own happiness and the happiness of your loved ones, so your life was spent the very best way possible and you will never regret wasted time. Always be a good room mate, because you must live with yourself in the end.
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