Wednesday, March 31

Wed. March 31st... Looking, looking...Seen. Spring is here... but Hiding Somewhat...

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We've been subject to some lousy spring weather so far this month, but tomorrow it's gonna be a new month with more and more spring popping out among the April showers. I saw daffodils popping up along with hyacinths yesterday on our way down the road. Anyplace with a southern exposure which allows the sun to warm the earth, seems to exhibit spring and Easter flowers right now. I love seeing them, because they are moot testimony to spring in lieu of conflicting and left over winter weather which sometimes plagues us this time of the year. In any event, these Easter flowers prove that spring is here and will finally overpower winters grip, to afford us nice, warm, sunny and fragrant breezes leading us into the coming summer months.
Both Vick and I are anxious to be out, cleaning up the farm and adding needed structures, finishing the others and preparing to enjoy summer this year.
Sometime this week or next, we will take a trip to New Jersey and then on to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to pick up our Merino sheep ram. That will be a nice trip which I am personally looking forward to making.
I have driven all over the eastern United States...from the most remote dirt roads like the 52.5 miles of barren forest, on Park Tote Road into Baxter State Park, leading to McCarty, in Northern Maine, where you drive for two hours and pass nothing but trees, to the congested, narrow streets of Broadway in Manhattan, during evening rush hour traffic in our F250 club cab diesel pick-up, to the ten lane traffic over the Driscoll Bridge crossing the Raritan River, going down the Garden State Parkway, into Sayreville, New Jersey. Driving doesn't bother me...I love it.
Today, I guess we will positively go for the feed we failed to pick up yesterday. We will have no trouble today, because my thumb feels better... the pellet stove is working, the rain has all but stopped and it feels much warmer and seems to be warming even more as the time goes by. Boy, I'm looking for about a week of sunshine and dry weather, so I can get some things accomplished here at the farm. Here's hoping...
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