Tuesday, March 30

Tues. March 30th... Rain, Rain, Rain... Jeeze I hate Rain... All day tomorrow too...

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It has been raining cats and dogs here all day long. The streams can't take any more of it...as the water is racing over the banks, out into the fields. We went up to Vick's parents and brother's house again to have dinner this evening and was amazed at the amount of snow that has melted on the mountain since yesterday afternoon when we passed by that same area. There is going to be some very serious flooding along streams and creeks, not to mention the Hudson, with all these tributaries flowing into it so swollen. The Catskill is flowing higher than we've seen it in the four years we have lived here and raining all day tomorrow will surely make it much worse, before it gets any better.

Today, we didn't get to do much. We had a noise in the pellet stove, which Vick's Mom likened to a mad gorilla or a sick elephant. The combustion motor had two dry bushings that were chattering severely at times and during the startup, initially would not even run sometimes. I pulled the stove out of the fireplace opening and removed the motor assembly, taking it to the basement where I disassembled it. I cleaned it up a little and lubed the bushings with oil, re-assembled it and upon putting it back into the stove, had the light drop on my thumb as I was holding the motor assembly in place. PAIN!!!! I experienced major pain and my thumb nail immediately turned black and started thumping. Jeeze um....I hate when crap like this happens. Now it's as tender as all get out...and I bump it on everything, which makes it thump even more. I'm prepared for a good week of this until it heals up a bit.

Tomorrow, we have to go for layer pellets and some alpaca pellets, no matter what. We have no pellets in the duck end or the new barn. The alpaca is ok, but before you know it, we'll need it if we don't pick up a bag.

For now though, I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep in a warm cuddly bed. Nothing is more comfy than cuddling under fuzzy warm blankets with rain pounding on the roof. The new deck roof on the rear deck area makes sleeping on a rainy night a pleasure. pitter-pat...pitter-pat...pitter-pat...
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