Monday, March 29

Sun. March 28th... A Great day at the Flower Show and Buca di Beppo...

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We spent the afternoon in South Troy for the annual Capitol District Flower Show. We saw a lot of beautiful designs and then browsed around the vendor area, looking at all the neat stuff, buying a few pussy willows and some cheese. After leaving there, we went across the Hudson River and uptown to Wolf road and into the Buca Di Beppo Italian restaurant for dinner. After returning home...well stuffed, we called the neighbors and they came over and picked up three roosters, which brought the grand total of give-away roosters today to five of the eleven we wanted to remove from the flock. The roosters were over-running the hens and making life unpleasant for them. Egg production drop-off and roughed up hens were the result of the young roosters becoming breeding age.
Tomorrow, maybe the hens will be able to eat without being walked on by so many roosters! If not, we'll get rid of more until they leave the hens alone to live their lives without fear. The hens stayed inside all day on the roost until they could no longer stand the hunger pains and had to venture out to eat and drink.
Whoops... We'll not free the birds tomorrow because we will be going to Vick's brother's house for dinner and to drop off her Mom and Dad who came for the flower show. No birdies out tomorrow, because you cannot get them in until dark and we'll be away! we are into a continuation of last evenings post. I had far too many pictures and too much going on trying to find sheet music for Vick's Dad on this computer as she was doing the same on her computer, so when I became exhausted, I deserted this post until this morning. It is raining off and on and I see that some of the hens are becoming good at hiding in the evenings to avert being herded into the barns. This, I think is true to all hens in the beginning of the brooding season...wanting to hide out and nest. I suppose the guinea hens will become elusive now too, then one fine day, just re-appear with a bunch of little guinea fowl chicks in tow. That will certainly be a spectacle...
We must get to the Agway store to order our turkeys and meat birds soon. I guess Vick wants to order a few of the white Pekin Ducks for our pond of merry ducks this year. We have always wanted to get them, but just never did for some reason. This year is the time to do it! Enjoy the pictures of the kittens and the flower show...both events of yesterday...but good ones!
PS...Please excuse the quality of the pictures...we had the wrong camera. I forgot the D50...


Aren't they cute?

Capitol region Flower Show
Hudson Community College

Alice in Wonderland...

Must have been a college play or some type of promotion for the movie
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