Sunday, March 28

Sun. March 28th... We're off to see the poseys...The wonderful poseys of all...

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Today is the day we will trek to Troy New York to see the annual spring flower show at the Hudson Community College. There are always beautiful displays by area landscaper and garden shops, supplies and food vendors. We should leave by noon, and be home sometime a little before dark. We'll snap a bunch of pictures...

Kay Lee is now having her kittens in a box behind me, here in the computer room. I would guess that the first was still born, because we don't hear anything from it. Kay Lee is pretty young to be having a litter, but she was a lady of the night with Mister Tom from down the road. He actually took a room under the deck and I believe he is still present. Vick believes she has now had at least two stillborns... Maybe she is too young to bare kittens. Nah...The news is now in and better, there are only two born right alive and one stillborn. We are just kind of hanging...waiting, but will leave her alone to tend her living kittens. I'll dispose of the still born one as soon as she has more to keep her busy. Pictures to follow this evening...... once things settle down.
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