Friday, March 26

Fri. March 26th... What A Nice Day We Spent At The Top Of The World...

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This morning, we took off for parts unknown, stopping at the bank to make a deposit, and then decided to have a little something for lunch, at Jake Moons. We had a little bite to eat before heading on up the road to find a big reservoir near New Scotland, but instead, just kept on driving and ran up the mountain to the Thacher State Park, which we've past many times without ever turning up the mountain road and entering the actual park. We were surprised at the view afforded us from up there. Check It Out at the end of this post...just beyond the pictures, I've loaded a video clip.
They have scenic viewing points all along the escarpment, so you can see down into the valley below. Vick wasn't at all comfy up there...because she hates heights! I got a lot of good videos to send to my Dad, showing him those sites and a few of the Onesquethaw Creek with the solid stone bottom which looks like there was concrete poured in the creek bed in most places. I never saw a creek run for so many miles, where the bottom has the same texture of stone...solid stone! It's a really pretty creek. Too bad it runs dry in the summer, because it would be an extremely clean stream for trout if it didn't dry up.
Ahhh... one hour to blastoff! Another year older and who cares...only Vicki...not me for sure. I've had enough birthdays in this life to last me, so we can just skip anymore that come along. I don't really think Vick wants her's either. (It's coming in just another week... on 4/7) Oh well...I guess we're stuck with them. They just won't stay away. enjoy the video view if I can get it on...

The picture at the top is a little school house called the Indian Ladder school, dated 1891...This is the same property

Further down the road. An orchard called the Indian Ladder Farm.

Further down the road and now on my "list to do"!

The beautiful Onesquathaw Creek.

How I wish our stream flowed into the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond like this.....

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