Thursday, March 25

Thurs. March 25th... Looks like I need to re-align my priorities a little......

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We all get older. We all get more senile... We all tend to forget more... We then don't even remember what the hell we're talking about... so... Where was I going with this anyway????
Last evening, sitting here with Vick in the computer room, going over stuff I loaded into our store at ETSY, (
for the last two day... when I suddenly realized I had not gotten a "remind me" message from AOL to do the sales taxes for the farm and hospice. SHIT!! Thanks AOL!! That equates to an instant $100.00 late filing fine plus 10% interest on the 8% tax money collected.... How freakin' wonderful for us since, we are losing our butts on the farm as it is, and the $100 plus is just one more loss......
So...yes, I have to realign my priorities to:

There will probably be more days with voids between posts since spring is here. I won't be able to blog twice a day sometimes now or in the summer because of more important things I must do.
Saturday we have to go to a funeral service for a close friend who just succumbed to lung cancer. Not exactly what a person wants to do on their birthday, but I wouldn't miss Harvey's funeral or Vick and I being there to support Joan for anything...especially a day that means nothing to me anyway!

Today we will try to clean and repair things on the farm if possible. It surely needs it! The top section of the Dutch door on the alpaca stall is cracked and ready to drop off anytime. I will cut boards and reinforce it to eliminate this threat. Then we will fork out the alpaca stall and then the old duck and chicken house. They need it badly after this long and nasty winter of isolation.
We have one good thing to look forward to this spring. We chose not to cover the pool last fall at the recommendation of the pool guy. He said covers are a fiction of most people's imagination, as a way of keeping a pool clean over the winter. Usually all it does is collect snow, weighing the cover down, pushing water out of the pool and applying excess side pressure against the pool causing collapse. I believe it! With the pile of snow and ice on it this winter, it the end, right now, sitting out there as pretty as you please. It is completely full of water and overflowing, with a twelve inch slab of nice clean ice covering the top...floating around with a foot of thawed water around the edges. If it were covered... it would have been a goner.... Think of that if you have a pool. Less work in the fall and less in the spring, plus you will most likely clean it, treat it and have the filter and pump running sooner, thus adding more cleanliness and less algae which will give you an overall, nicer pool, sooner!

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