Monday, May 10

Monday, May 10, 2010... Wind and Sun Fill the day they say...But Frost is Due...

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Here we are...a third of the way through May and we have to be careful of a freeze condition this evening. It is the perfect time to dig into the outside work and enjoy a cool spring day, but don't make the mistake of planting too early or leaving any of your started plants outside without covering them this evening.
The cool breeze will be welcome as I cut up the downed tree in the front yard. At least I won't sweat to death as I am clearing the downfall from the last thunderstorm which came blowing through here with sixty MPH gusts of wind.
We want to place the ceiling on the gift shop too, but every time I plan to get crackin' on it, something else turns up.
I also want to vacuum the pool and add another shock treatment this week. Then of course, there is the turkey house we must get started if we are going to have turkeys here soon. They will need to have enough time to mature and bulk up for the fall holiday seasons coming on the heels of summer and fall.
Shortly, I will head out, to release the chickens and ducks to roam and pick whatever bugs are out today. Any bugs present will be wearing little coats... if they are crawling out there today! The temperature is only 45° in the sun and in the shade, with the air chill, I bet it's near 39° if that!
The Pekin ducks in the brooding house are supposed to have hatched yesterday, but didn't. We have had a few problems with that incubator so far this season, so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing hatches from there. I sure hope they do. The Pekin, you know are the AFLAC ducks....all white and pretty big. They are the iconic model for all ducks....the image everyone sees when you say "farm duck". Well, stay tuned and we'll try to snap some pictures of the new kittens which were born yesterday and anything we do during the day. Check back later......

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